About us

Healing humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time.

At Stanford Health Care, we look to furnish patients with the absolute best in finding and treatment, with exceptional quality, empathy and coordination. With an unrivaled reputation of logical revelation, mechanical advancement and translational drug, Stanford Medicine doctors are spearheading driving edge treatments today that will change the manner in which health care is conveyed tomorrow.

As a feature of our soul of revelation, we additionally influence our profound associations with light Silicon Valley organizations to grow better approaches to convey prevalent patient consideration.

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Delivering Better Care

Stanford Health Care is making new conveyance models, utilizing our propelled assets to make consistent progression of care for each patient. From our suite of virtual consideration administrations – to our essential consideration workplaces all through the Bay Area, outpatient facilities in Redwood City and Palo Alto, and Stanford South Bay Cancer Center – individuals from around the locale and around the globe go to Stanford Health Care for thorough answers for meet the entirety of their health care needs.

At the focal point of our health framework will be the most progressive clinic on the planet. The new Stanford Hospital will make our striking vision for humane, facilitated, driving edge care – customized for the special needs of each patient – a reality for more individuals than any other time in recent memory.